Gulf Coast FLY FAIR
Sept. 16-17, 2016
Sponsored by
The Gulf Coast Council - International Federation of Fly Fishers

Auctions & Raffles for rods, reels, equipment and artwork

Proceeds benefit the USM - Gulf Coast Research Lab

Gulf Coast FLY FAIR – General Events, Indoor Presentations and Classes 
Ocean Springs Civic Center, 3730 Bienville Blvd. (Unless otherwise indicated.)

Friday, September 16, 2016 - Friday is the best opportunity for one-on-one casting instruction, and more personalized time with the invited tiers. We start with specialized and continuing education classes, with great programs and individual instruction throughout the day.  Of course everyone wants to attend our buffet dinner, auction, and party on the beach at the Yacht Club.  

Saturday, September 17, 2016 - Saturday will be non-stop starting with breakfast at the lab and continuing with wonderful programs, some of the best casting instruction in the nation, a host of phenomenal tiers specializing primarily in Gulf Coast and warm water tying, and, of course, auctions and raffles. There will be so many choices you won't know what to choose!

Sampling of Events (More to come!)

Friday, September 16, 2016

9am ~ 2pm – Continuing Education for certified casting instructors – David Diaz, MCIdownstairs classroom – by arrangement with Mr. Diaz.

24pm Open Casting Instructors Available (CI's and MCI's) "Work on Your Problems"

3 – 5pm CCI Exam Review – Keith Richard, MCI, IFFF Casting Board of Governors. A special class for those wishing to take the CCI Exam.  Limited class size / $30.  Prior arrangement with Keith Richard necessary (

10 11amFishing Peacock Bass in Brazil – Bob Korose

1 2pmCity Trout of the Chattahoochee – Capt. Chip Smith

2 – 3pmFishing Campech Bay – Capt. Cody Wells

7pm – 'til – Casual Buffet, Auctions and Awards*** – Fly Tackle, Guided Trips, Award Winning Fly Plates, etc.  Donation for supper and cash bar – Ocean Springs Yacht Club, 100 Front Beach Dr.

Saturday, September 17, 2015

7 - 8:30amBuffet Breakfast and GCRL recognition *** – Gulf Coast Research Lab Cafeteria, 703 East Beach Dr.

8:30am – Registration for Casting Courses – Sign up Ocean Springs Civic Center, 3730 Bienville Blvd.

910amBasic Fly Casting Beginner's Class David Diaz and staff – North Lawn.

8:30am – Registration – Sign up Ocean Springs Civic Center, 3730 Bienville Blvd.

9am – 5pm – Auctions and Raffles throughout the dayThe Main Room.

10 – 11am – Panhandle 'Poon Capt. Hugh "Unk" Smith (Best tarpon guide on the North Gulf Coast!)

11 1pm BBQ Lunch*** smoked-pulled pork, beans, coleslaw, bread and tea

12 1pm – Iron Fly Tier Contest – open to all contributing tiers – main room.

1 – 2pm – Capt. Rich Walder

4 – 5pm – Closing Auctions and Raffles.

*** Asterisked events have limited attendance. Please pre-register to reserve your place and help us plan. You do not need to print a ticket. Thank you!